Fireteq management team has been protecting lives and properties all over the UK and we have extensive experience within the Passive Fire Protection sector with over 15 years on the job experience.

Fireteq Passive Fire Protection Specialists will go to all lenghts to make sure your property and its contents are not comprimised by poor installation or poor application which may result in failure or damage in the event of a fire.

Our Mission

We go to all lengths to make sure your property is not compromised and our aim is to protect lives and properties in the event of a fire with you and them in mind.

How do we do this?

Fireteq, Passive Fire Protection team have extensive on the job experience and aim to provide our clients with a reliable cost effective service from tender process to job completion.

What do we offer?

Fireteq offer an extensive range of services ranging from Fire Stopping, Load Bearing Fire Stop, Cavity Barriers, Structural Fire Protection, Pipe Wraps and Collars and so much more…

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